24th May 2017

Laptop Repair Service

southampton laptop repair

5 good reasons to choose us.

  • No data loss, we keep your data safe.
  • 4 experienced engineers ready to help.
  • Priority service available for critical repairs.
  • 6 month warranty Vs 3 months at PC World.
  • No appointment necessary just come on in.




The bane of every computer user around the world! Viruses can wreak havoc and they come in all shapes and sizes. No need to worry, we’ve got you covered and as long as you haven’t been a victim of ransom ware then your data is safe. We can remove viruses, Spyware and Malware. The price is just £59.99 and can often be completed the same day if you bring it in early enough!

If you are getting random pop ups and a search page you don’t recognise then chances are you are infected and someone is potentially stealing your data or even your identity. Identity theft is a growing problem with criminal gangs targeting unsuspecting people everywhere.

If you’ve had a call from Microsoft or anyone else telling you that your computer is infected then hang up immediately, if they’ve convinced you give them access to your computer then hang up, switch your laptop off and bring it in for cleaning.

Bring your laptop in for assessment and get secure!
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We stock a wide range of laptop screen and can replace most laptop screens within the hour as long as we have a compatible laptop screen in stock. We hold over 20 different laptop screens in stock. Prices start from just £79.99.

We replace your broken laptop screen with a like for like screen so you can be assured that we provide the same high quality screen that came with your laptop.

Does your screen seem to be falling apart? This common problem can be the result of hinges that have become stiff and result in too much pressure being applied when trying to open or close the screen. This can result in a broken lid and a screen that won’t open or close correctly. We can replace the parts required to get your laptop looking as good as new, just come on in.

And don’t forget we guarantee your new screen for six months.

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A failing Hard Drive is a major problem for your laptop. You are going to lose your data if you don’t get it fixed as soon as possible and data recovery prices are much higher than simply replacing the hard drive.

We can replace the hard drive in your laptop and transfer all your data from your failing hard drive to your shiny new hard drive. We will also install the operating system and all the updates so your machine is ready to use. If you have any special software then just let us know and we’ll do our best to get that set up too.

We will store your data safely on our backup servers until your laptop is ready to take away. Your data is our priority, we never simply reinstall and overwrite your data unlike PC World and Currys.

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There are many issues that can cause problems with your machine starting up. We first need to differentiate between the laptop not switching on and the laptop switching on but not getting into Windows. If there is no activity at all when you press the power button then click here for power problems. If your laptop is powering on but failing to load completely then you might have a virus infection or you might have a faulty hard drive. We can help with either of these problems and we’ll take care of your data whilst we are doing so.

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Is your laptop buring your leg, are the fans really loud? There’s a good chance your laptop is getting too hot! This is not something to be ignored, long term overheating can lead to serious problems with your laptop.

If you laptop is overheating bring it for a cooling system service which involves a complete strip down of the laptop, cleaning out all debris from the cooling system and then applying new thermal compound before reassembly, prices start at £59.99

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Does your laptop shut down for no reason? Chances are your laptop is getting too hot! See above for more information about laptop overheating.

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Is your laptop completely dead? Does your laptop power on only when you wiggle the power lead? Or if your laptop has stopped charging then you might need a new power socket fitted inside your laptop.

We fix broken power sockets every day which often involves de-soldering the old socket which can be a very tricky process and replacing with a brand new socket, fitted to the same high standard as the original. Prices from £69.99

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We are Southampton’s only in house data recovery centre. We have a dedicated data recovery workstation designed specifically to recover data from broken hard drives. It utilises the industry leading PC3000 hardware which can access drives even when completely unrecognised by your operating system. Please see our data recovery page for more information.

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No matter what your laptop problem we can help. Give us a call on 02380 003210

We fix all the major manufacturers including







Packard Bell