24th May 2017

Data Recovery Service


Please let our experts tinker with your drive rather than a friend or colleague who will most likely cause even more damage. We’ve got specialist equipment on site dedicated to the task of saving data from broken hard drives. Our experts have years of experience in saving lost photographs and lost documents from faulty hard disk drives, flash memory sticks and camera memory cards. Put your precious data in the hands of experts.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

We use dedicated hard drive recovery workstations

We’ve invested heavily in our data recovery tools so that we can provide the widest range of data recovery services. Our technical knowledge and data recovery hardware combined give us an industry leading 92% recovery rate.

Mac Data Recovery

We are Southampton and Hampshire’s only on site recovery centre and can successfully recover data from iMac, Macbook , Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Mac Pro. No matter which version of Mac OS you are using we can recover the data. Data recovery from Apple Mac computer accounts for over 35% of our data recovery work load. We are Southampton’s only Apple data recovery specialist.

Laptop Data Recovery

Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Asus are justa few of the manufacturers of laptop that we can recover data from. no matter what make or model we can recover your missing documents and photographs from your faulty hard drive. So pop in or give us a call and speak to an engineer. We are always here, happy to help and provide advice.

PC Data Recovery

We can recover data from business machines or home PC’s. Even if you built the machine yourself, we can still recover your lost data. Hard drive sizes are getting bigger and bigger and we store a huge amount of personal information on them. We can help recover your critical documents from your faulty hard drive. So please bring in your device and we’ll get your data back.

External Hard Drive Recovery

We can recover data from portable USB hard drives. No matter which brand we can recover your data. That clicking sound your drive is making is a warning that something major is wrong with your hard drive. Do not continue to power up the drive as you will cause more and more damage. Come and see our experts, have a chat and we’ll let you know what we can do for you. We’ll open the drive up and take a look under the hood, we’ll be able to tell you if the read heads are damaged and if the disk surface(platter) is intact.

Flash Drive Data Recovery

We’ve lost count of the number of dissertations we have recovered from USB flash drives. We’ve had customers come into our store in tears thinking they had lost everything. Then a few hours later teras of joy after we successfully recovered their work. If you have broken your memory stick then bring it in for recovery, we see so many bad repair jobs attempted on memory sticks that make it impossible to recover the data. Don’t take the risk, bring it in to our expert technicians. Let us save the day…