31st May 2017

Apple Mac Repair Service

macbook repair southampton


We fix all Macs, current to vintage models

Is your Mac over 5 years old? Then you should come here for your Apple Repair. We fix every model of Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac and Mac Mini. We can fix just about any problem inside your Mac right down to logic board component level.  What’s more you get 180 days warranty on our Mac repairs which is double the warranty that Apple or PC World offer.

Macbook Screen Repair

We can fix your broken Macbook screen, prices start from £80 for the Macbook Pro. Macbook Pro Retina Models from £299 and Macbook Air models from £149.

We always have a selection of screens in stock so can often repair your Macbook screen the same day. Please contact us for more information regarding your specific device. Have your serial number ready if possible to help with your quote.

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macbook screen repair southampton


Liquid Damage Macbook

Liquid damage repair starts at only £149 for a successful repair.

RICE AND AIRING CUPBOARDS DON’T WORK! We see a great many liquid damaged macbooks that could have been saved more easily if they had been brought in for repair rather than sitting around in a big bag of rice or dried out in the airing cupboard.  Your battery is the problem, while it retains a charge your Macbook battery will cause continual damage inside your Macbook. Every second your laptop is soaked in tea, coffee, coke or alcohol more and more damage is occurring.

Want to save it? Turn it off, tip the Macbook in the opposite direction of the liquid spillage to remove as much liquid as possible. DO NOT switch the Macbook on! Don’t wait for an Apple Genius appointment, Apple will quote you for a new logic board and charge you £450+ to replace it. Be smart and bring your Macbook in asap. Our success rate for liquid damage is very high for Macbooks that have been brought in sooner rather than later.. If you get to us quickly enough then there is a strong chance that you will not lose any of your important documents and photos. Southampton Computer Repairs by Rocket Repairs to revive your water damaged Macbook.

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macbook liquid damage southampton

Macbook coffee spill



Mac Hard Drive Repair and Recovery

You might think you’ve lost everything, your local repair store might have told you that you have lost everything. Let us give you the definitive answer, we can recover data from your faulty Mac Hard drive and if required we can also replace a faulty hard drive in your iMac or Macbook. As Southampton’s only professional data recovery centre, we have specialist hard drive recovery hardware on site that allows us to recover data from dead hard drives. We can save your precious memories. If you have a fault with your Macbook or iMac that stops your Mac from completely loading into the operating system then bring it to Rocket Repairs in Southampton and get it fixed.

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macbook hard drive repair

Mac Data Recovery


Mac Virus Infection

Apple Macbooks and iMac used to be fairly safe from viruses and malware but as the Apple brand has become more and more popular so the number of virus and malware attacks has increased. Now it is quite common to see Apple computers infected with some sort of malicious software.

We are well versed in removing these types of infection and securing your Mac operating system from these unwanted attacks.

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apple virus removal

Mac Virus Infection


Mac upgrades – Southampton

Memory upgrades, RAM upgrades, Hard drive upgrades. We offer the complete range of upgrades for iMac, Macbook, Mac Pro and Mac mini. Thinking of upgrading your Macbook to the newer model? Find out how we can upgrade your current Macbook to make it run almost as fast as the latest model for a whole lot less. The biggest speed boost can be achieved by upgrading the hard drive to a solid state hard drive. We provide this service, it will be much cheaper than buying a new Mac. Got an iMac? Then it’s good news! We can also install solid state drives in all models of iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro. We offer Memory upgrades on all models that do not have soldered on memory chips, call us now to find out what options are available for your Mac.

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mac power problems

Macbook Overheating – Southampton

Is your Macbook buring your leg? Does your Mac sound like it’s about to take off? There’s a good chance your Macbook is getting too hot! This is not something you should ignore, long term overheating can cause serious and permanent damage to your Macbook.

If you Macbook is overheating bring it for a cooling system service which involves a complete strip down of the Macbook cooling system, we clean out all debris and then apply new thermal compound before reassembly and testing.

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macbook overheating

Mac overheating


Mac Power Problems – Southampton

Is it the battery or something else? No matter what power issue you are having with your Mac we can help. We can replace the battery if required with a genuine Apple battery. If the problem lies elsewhere we can investigate and let you know what needs to be done in order to resolve the problem.

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macbook upgrade

Mac Power Problem

Other Mac Problems – Southampton

If the problem you are experiencing is not on the list then don’t worry. We can solve just about any problem with Mac hardware. Just give us a call on 02380 003210 and describe the issue and let our engineers discern what is going on.